Is It Safe?


Being one of the most basic forms of aviation hot air balloons are sometimes falsely considered unsafe. However, an interesting fact about hot air balloons is that they are extremely safe especially when compared to some other forms of flight such as gliding, and skydiving. The beauty of these balloons lies in the simplicity of their structure and amazingly they are easy to maintain when it comes to their safety.

Hot air balloon rides are rapidly becoming popular due to the thrill and joy related with them. Offering a serene and exciting experience festivals are now devoted to enjoy this out of the world experience, not only are hot air balloon festivals attracting attention of visitors, there are many tourism companies providing hot air balloon rides to all age groups accompanied with services which include scrumptious champagne breakfast packages .

Though safe and comfortable there are a few precautions you should take while going on a hot air balloon ride.

• If you have height phobia or a health condition which needs attention, it is always advisable to talk to your tour operator and pilot about it.
• Wear warm clothes since these rides are arranged before sunrise and it becomes cold as the altitude increases.
• Make certain the weather is not too windy, since hot air balloons move according to the direction of wind and a thunderstorm or hail could be dangerous for them. Though pilots are vigilant about the weather and cancel flights in case of bad weather.
• While riding always try to be alert when it comes to electrical wires, poles and trees. Pilots are trained to steer clear of electrical poles, buildings and trees during flight, but at times it does pay off to be on the watch out since your pilot might be concentrating on another element of the flight.

Strict Training Guidelines:
Another aspect which makes hot air balloon rides safe is the stringent training pilots are required to go through. In Australia pilots have to be licenced in order to fly personal and commercial hot air balloons. They are required to undergo extensive hands on training in addition to written exams to become a licenced pilot. Nonetheless, while planning a ride it is essential to ascertain the safety record of the company you are flying with in addition to checking the credentials and experience of their pilots.
Prior to take off you will be briefed about what to expect during flight and the precautions to take by your pilot. Pay heed to the instructions given and you will have the time of your life soaring above cities and rivers in your hot air balloon.